4 DIY Laundry Room Upgrades

    Keep your laundry room as tidy and organized as your clothes! Laundry machines take up a lot of floor space and can make it difficult to create storage spaces and areas to fold or hang-dry. We found four DIY laundry room projects that will upgrade your laundry space to a streamlined space for washing clothes!

    Unfolding Drying Rack

    Save floor space when you hang your clothes to dry by mounting a drying rack on your laundry room wall. These wooden racks are inexpensive, light, and easy to unfold. In addition to placing them on a wall, you can mount them to the inside of a closet or other space off of the floor. Get creative! This is an easy way to save floor space.

    A Dowel For Hanging Clothes

    Install a dowel between two cabinets or walls for hanging clothes. As seen in this photo, you can also add a shelf just below where the end of your clothes would fall to store smaller laundry items like dryer sheets, a lint roller, or stain stick. This DIY solution requires very basic assembly and fixtures. You can find a wooden or stainless steel dowel at your local hardware store or online.

    Stacked Baskets

    This DIY project will also save you valuable floor space in your laundry room! Vertical space is often neglected when optimizing your storage space, but with this easy-to-build unit, you can stack your family’s laundry baskets and keep them off the floor. To stay extra organized, assign a different colored basket to each member of your family.

    Back-of-the-Door Storage

    Adding wire baskets, hooks, or a dowel for hanging small items will save you a lot of shelf space for storing heavier containers, like detergent. You can find a variety of storage vessels at The Container Store, Home Depot, and Amazon.com. Ensure the items you plan to store on the back of your door will fit when closed, and then simply mount the units. Finding new storage solutions often comes down to just better utilizing vertical space.

    What improvements have you made to your laundry room? Share with us below!

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