Dave is the hardest working and most professional realtor I’ve ever worked with. I had listed my home originally as “For Sale By Owner” on Craigslist which I had done several times before with other properties. Dave contacted me and said he could help us sell faster and for more money. He  seemed eager and his references checked out. We went with Dave and we’re really glad that we did. Our buyers had issues with their finance company which put the sale at risk… items that certainly would have jeopardized the sale if I had been selling by myself as an owner. Dave worked with all parties and went out of his way to ensure we got to closing quickly. It was a pleasure working with Dave. I highly recommend him!
    John Birchak

    Dave did an amazing job in selling my townhouse. Not only did we get more than top dollar, not only did I get an offer in 3 days, but his follow through to the end and closing was magnificent. He is smart in his negotiations with other real estate professionals, and got more for my house than I had expected. I HIGHLY recommend Dave (actually, I already have referred him to a friend).

    Ann Hazlitt Nerney

    Dave got my house sold for the highest price a 2-bedroom house has gotten in my neighborhood, ever! It wasn’t on the market long, but while it was, Dave was aggressive in marketing the house and giving me regular updates on the status. He was always quick to respond and explain anything until I could understand it. He is PROACTIVE and doesn’t wait around for the buyers to come; he goes out and really markets it hard. I kept hearing, “Most realtors don’t do that” when telling a family member about what Dave was doing. He just knows how to get results, plain and simple.

    Spencer Hyatt

    We have known Dave for several years and also know the agents that work with Dave. All are quality people and I would recommend working with the Umphress group. Dave helped us buy a townhouse for our daughter and then turned around to help us sell it a couple years later. He even suggested our daughter write a letter to the owner which resulted in her being picked above other offers. All went smoothly and hassle free. With the market in Denver now and the quantity of realtors out there you can be secure to work with the Umphress group.

    Robin Durgin

    We didn’t have the opportunity to use The Umphress Group to sell our home, but certainly wish we had. We were fortunate to have them find our new home and are glad we did. We have and will continue to recommend Kyle Hopp and the entire Umphress team in the future!

    Frank Pryor

    Dave was a pleasure to work with throughout both the selling and buying process. We established our relationship with Dave as buyers, and searched and toured numerous homes together. Dave was very knowledgeable of the intricacies of the home buying and selling process, and was always willing to answer any question, without attitude or pretense. Dave got us top $ for our home, and helped us buy a FSBO property (before it hit the MLS) for a great price. Once under contract (on both properties), we encountered nearly every bump or roadblock possible, and Dave kept things together, and led us to close. The Denver market is saturated with Realtors right now, and I would definitely recommend Dave if you plan to buy or sell. Thanks, Dave!

    Barry Snower

    I cannot recommend a better agent and team to work with then Dave and the Umphress Group. We have now purchased two homes and sold one with Dave and each experience has been better then could have been imagined. Dave is one who goes above and beyond to help his clients find the best possible home in a competitive market. Our first home purchase was a condo which Dave found before it was ever listed on the open market. His diligence, advice and follow through was the reason we were able to purchase our 1st home. We had a similar experience with our second home purchase in that Dave took the time to find a “For Sale by Owner” which fit all of our desires and needs. We never would have come across the home had it not been for Dave. In every situation, he was also excellent at communicating with us throughout the buying process and was very quick to get our questions and concerns answered in a timely manner. Dave and his team were instrumental in the selling of our condo as well. He gave us a bunch of helpful tips of things we could do to attract potential buyers. Everything that he did was professional and top notch because every detail mattered to him as much as it did for us. If you are looking to buy or sell a home, Dave Umphress is the best agent I could ever recommend!

    kelvin haidle

    I have purchased and sold several houses with Dave and I have enjoyed the process every time! He is so great at what he does and I’d recommend him to anyone!

    Travis Hall

    All pre-closing requirements were taken care of in a prompt and friendly manner. The closing itself was pleasant, efficient and quickly concluded. I would recommend the Umphress Group to anyone looking into real estate for personal or commercial needs.

    Harry Durgin

    Loved David as a Realtor! He was extremely willing to come to any open houses with me and found plenty of great places for me to go see on my schedule. Very helpful – went out of his way to make sure I was happy!


    Dave was great to work with! He was always more than willing to go above and beyond to make our home-buying process as easy as possible. He demonstrated an eagerness to meet every need we had. If he lacked knowledge or experience we wouldn’t have been able to tell, because he had a sincere desire to help however we needed and the work-ethic to succeed in doing just that. With this being our first Real Estate purchase, we couldn’t have asked for anyone better.